11th February 2020

A Complete Worming Guide and How To Avoid Resistance

Charlie Pinkham talks about worming and parasitic resistance
6th December 2019

Equine Asthma Study

“Development of a nasal epithelial brush model to study equine respiratory disease in the racehorse”
4th October 2019
Performance Horse Work

Bisphosphonates A purchasers guide.

There has been significant attention recently about the use of bisphosphonates in young thoroughbred horses. Here is Charlie's recent article on the subject published in the Thoroughbred Owner Breeder Magazine.
9th September 2019
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With 2 new stem cell treatments coming to market recently Rich Bristow discusses the products.  Pinkham Equine are pleased to announce our use of 2 new forms of equine stem cell therapy, enabling the prompt treatment of a range of joint and soft tissue injuries. ARTI-CELL FORTE   Pinkham Equine has recently had success treating […]
12th June 2019

Equine suspensory desmitis

Discussing proximal suspensory desmitis In our latest webinar, Richard Bristow discusses proximal suspensory desmitis in sports horses. The suspensory ligament originates at the back of the cannon bone below the knee. Learn the role of the suspensory ligament, the symptoms of proximal suspensory desmitis and tips on identifying the source of pain.