12th June 2019
Tethered Horse During Lameness Investigation

Equine suspensory desmitis

Discussing proximal suspensory desmitis In our latest webinar, Richard Bristow discusses proximal suspensory desmitis in sports horses. The suspensory ligament originates at the back of the cannon bone below the knee. Learn the role of the suspensory ligament, the symptoms of proximal suspensory desmitis and tips on identifying the source of pain.
14th August 2018

Preparation for Covering Webinar

Following up from his talk for The Thoroughbred Breeders Association and The National Stud at Lackham House in Wiltshire, in our latest webinar Charlie Pinkham discusses the preparation of the mare for covering including the pre-breeding requirements of the thoroughbred mare, the important preparation of the mare at the beginning of the season, the individual […]
9th February 2018

Webinar: Examination of the Newborn Foal

As the foaling season gets underway, in our latest webinar, Lucy Brock talks about those important first stages post foaling.
30th June 2017
Breeding Your Mare

Webinar: Breeding Your Mare

Hello and welcome to our first online webinar, which will take you through the process of breeding your mare. Whether you have an older horse that you're thinking of breeding but don't know where to start, whether you have bred foals previously but would like to try out a new technique, or perhaps you have […]